What we look for in a candidate

We post job listings here from time to time, but if you think you can contribute, contact us even if there are no listings that make sense for you. Here are some things that we’re looking for in a team member.

  • Creative approach to problem solving and ability to learn new skills

  • Degree from a top-20 school (MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, UCSF, etc)

  • Serious ambition and keen intellect

  • High-level intellectual interests rather than a focus on a particular molecular or cellular pathway, or even a particular technology

  • Not afraid of expressing your ideas

Open positions

GigaGen seeks a talented, highly motivated Associate Scientist to work alongside PhD-level scientists on research funded by Phase I SBIR grants from the NCI and NIAID. This project involves high-throughput expression of antibody fragments (scFv) from natural immune repertoires. The candidate will assist in the design of a flexible protein expression system. They will also assist with the development of novel high-throughput protein-protein binding assays.

One or more of the following specific skills could be useful:

  • Deep understanding of standard genomics and molecular biology techniques, such as subcloning, multiplex PCR, and next-generation sequencing.

  • Experience with antibody affinity screening methods, such as yeast display.

  • Experience using microfluidic platforms.

  • Hands-on experience with immune repertoire sequencing, RNA-Seq, sequencing library quality control, and next-generation sequencing instrumentation.

  • Excellent writing and presentation skills.

  • Experience, desire, and/or interest in drug discovery and development, with a particular focus on biologics.

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