cancer cell

The Future of Cancer Treatment

Immuno-oncology is a new and rapidly growing field of cancer treatment that is based on understanding the body’s immune response to cancer. This knowledge has produced the first efficacious cancer cell therapies, such as chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells. CAR T cell methods engineer a cancer-targeting antibody fragment into a patient’s own T cells. The engineered T cells then attack tumor cells, often achieving a durable complete response in certain types of cancers.

Since antibodies can only attack extra-cellular targets, an emerging approach is to engineer anti-cancer immune receptors such as T cell receptors (TCRs) into a patient's own T cells. TCRs can be targeted against either intra- or extra- cellular cancer targets providing broader applicability in fighting disease.

Most TCR discovery work uses slow last-generation methods to discover TCRs in natural repertoires, often resulting in low-affinity candidates. GigaGen is using high-throughput single cell sequencing and expression technology to immortalize T cell repertoires from cancer patients and screen them for anti-tumor function and target binding in vitro.

GigaGen has an internal pipeline of anti-cancer therapeutic TCRs against novel targets. We are also interested in significant, multi-target discovery collaborations. Please contact us for more information.