cancer cell

The Future of Cancer Treatment

Immuno-oncology is a new and rapidly growing field of cancer treatment that is based on understanding the body’s immune response to cancer. This knowledge has produced immensely efficacious monoclonal antibody cancer therapies, such as nivolumab (Opdivo) and ipilimumab (Yervoy).

Recent scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of the immune response to tumors have led to the identification of cell molecular pathways that modify immune response. GigaGen has selected the most promising targets based on its own research, and has built an extensive pipeline of novel, high-affinity clinical candidates with validated cellular activity. These clinical candidates are all antibodies of natural-repertoire origin, with natural light- and heavy-chain pairing — factors that increase drug developability and possibly performance.

We are exhaustively testing combinations of these drug candidates in different cancer types in order to identify and develop the best clinical combinations for each patient. Because our technology enables both rapid drug discovery and massively parallel immune analysis, we have been able to identify a wide scale of drug candidates and analyze pre-clinical efficacy at a scale that is unprecedented.