The Problem

Monoclonal antibodies

The Battle Against Immune Dysregulation

Many deadly diseases involve dysregulation of the immune system. For example, a tumor can only grow if the immune system fails to kill it. Primary immune deficiency involves dysregulation of immune cell development, resulting in chronic susceptibility to infections.

Antibody drugs have redefined modern treatment of immune dysregulation. In the last two years alone, more than 20 of these drugs have gained FDA approval.

However, immune systems are incredibly complex and still poorly understood. Immune cells respond to hundreds of stimulatory and inhibitory proteins, and constantly change during sickness and health.

Conventional immune analysis technologies fail to provide the insights into immune dysregulation that are needed to create the next generation of antibody drugs. Conventional technologies are slow and inefficient and only interrogate a tiny fraction of the immune system.  Therefore they lack the ability to optimally select drug targets and routinely overlook potentially breakthrough immune pathways and their corresponding drug candidates.

To win the battle against immune dysregulation we must understand complex immune systems inside and out. We must be able to identify and characterize every cell to understand how they work together to prevent disease, and to pinpoint the errors that cause disease.

At GigaGen we have the solution. Our industry-leading technology interrogates immune systems with unprecedented depth and breadth, enabling us to radically accelerate the selection of drug targets, identify drug candidates, and assess pre-clinical drug efficacy. We are using this insight to develop antibody therapeutics for patients with cancer and other serious diseases resulting from immune dysregulation.