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Nature Biotechnology: Convalescent serum lines up as first-choice treatment for coronavirus

Antibodies from blood donated by people who recovered from the illness and hyper-immunoglobulins are becoming treatments of choice for COVID-19, with recombinant polyclonal antibody approaches to follow. GigaGen, which is backed by Grifols, is a more recent arrival, and its cell-based recombinant polyclonal immunoglobulin production system is at an earlier stage of development. It involves […]


TIME: Vaccines, Antibodies and Drug Libraries. The Possible COVID-19 Treatments Researchers Are Excited About

It’s not just people and animals that can produce antibodies. Scientists now have the technology to build what are essentially molecular copying machines that can theoretically churn out large volumes of the antibodies found in recovered patients. At GigaGen, a San Francisco-based biotech startup founded by Stanford University professor Dr. Everett Meyer, scientists are identifying […]


Chemical & Engineering News: Searching for a coronavirus cure in the blood: Scientists look to convalescent plasma, hyperimmune therapy, and monoclonal antibodies to treat COVID-19

Companies say it is too soon to know how many patients can be treated from one plasma donation, but it is likely no more than a few, at best. Emergent is hoping to avoid potential delays in plasma collection by also producing hyperimmune globulins in horses vaccinated with whole or partial bits of SARS-CoV-2. SAB […]