Big4Bio: GigaGen Focuses Its Technology to Address COVID-19 Pandemic


GigaGen announced that it is developing a recombinant polyclonal antibody therapy for the treatment of COVID-19, the pandemic coronavirus that has been sweeping the world and for which humans have no innate immunity.

Based in South San Francisco, GigaGen spent the first seven years of its existence developing its single cell technology drug discovery and development platform, often raising money just on ideas during that period. It eventually came up with a powerful way to make recombinant polyclonal antibodies and now has a pipeline targeting infectious disease, transplant rejection, and checkpoint resistant cancers.

David Johnson, co-founder and CEO, says the company realized years ago that its platform could be useful for emerging pathogens. Although the company tried but couldn’t secure funding from the U.S. military, at least it already had plans in place if a pathogen should emerge.

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