SAN FRANCISCO, CA – GigaGen has won two Phase I grants from the National Cancer Institute’s highly competitive SBIR program. These Phase I grants support improvements in GigaGen’s technology for high-throughput genetic analysis of primary B cells. One project involves improvements to GigaGen’s antibody protein expression technology. The second project involves improvements to GigaGen’s microfluidic chip technology, which will improve throughput tenfold over the current design. CEO Dr. Johnson is the Principal Investigator for both grants.

SAN DIEGO, CA – GigaGen CEO David Johnson traveled to San Diego to meet with dozens of potential collaborators at big pharma and smaller biotech companies. Dr. Johnson presented a poster describing GigaGen’s technology and opportunities for collaboration. GigaGen’s participation was generously supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – GigaGen has invented a novel microfluidic chip geometry for water-in-oil microdroplet merging. The technology is particularly useful for applications that require lysis of a cell followed by dilution with PCR amplification reagents.