Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: Microfluidic dragnet catches most-wanted antibodies – GigaGen exhaustively interrogates antibodies to find drug candidates


“Scrappy.” That’s a one-word summation of GigaGen’s approach to both the business and science of biotech.

“When you’re a new company, you have to be scrappy and clever. When I founded GigaGen in 2011, I didn’t have a big war chest of money, so I had to find a way to be competitive. That’s central for survival,” says Dave Johnson, Ph.D., CEO of GigaGen.

Surge Workflow Performs Complete Interrogation

“Competitive” means “innovative” to Dr. Johnson. That drive to innovate resulted in a proprietary workflow called Surge, which he says not only interrogates every antibody in the immune system, but does it 10 times faster than other technologies.
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