GigaGen Wins Grants from NIH for T Cell Receptor Platform and IVIG Development

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – In July 2015, GigaGen won three new Phase I grants from the National Institute of Health (NIH) SBIR program.

One grant support innovations in GigaGen’s T cell repertoire platform that pair genotype and phenotype of millions of T cell receptors (TCRs) in a blood or tumor samples. The T cell grant is a collaboration with Dr. Everett Meyer at Stanford University Medical Center, and is now proceeding to Phase II, which will involve generating the world’s largest libraries of recombinant, natively paired TCR alpha and beta proteins from natural T cell repertoires.

The other two SBIR grants support our recombinant IVIG program to produce and characterize high powered “hyperimmunes” to fight pneumococcal infections. GigaGen has now produced recombinant hyperimmune IVIg in its labs and the project is proceeding to Phase II.

CEO Dr. Johnson is the Principal Investigator for all three grants.