GigaGen Wins Slots in Highly Competitive Startup Accelerators

SAN FRANCISCO – GigaGen CEO David Johnson announced today that the company has won slots in two highly competitive startup accelerators: the BayBIO F.A.S.T. program, and the StartX accelerator. F.A.S.T. is a 10-week program that matches GigaGen with hundreds of biotech advisers from a variety of industries, such as contract manufacturing, clinical study design, and finance. F.A.S.T is sponsored by biotech companies interested to discover the best innovators of the Bay Area, including Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, and Amgen. StartX is an educational non-profit that accelerates the development of Stanford’s top entrepreneurs through experiential education and collective intelligence. GigaGen boasts Stanford graduates CEO David Johnson (PhD Genetics), COO Carter Keller (BS engineering), Director of R&D Adam Adler (PhD Cancer Bio), and Co-Founder Everett Meyer (Professor of Medicine; MD PhD). Fewer than 5% of applicants are accepted to the StartX program.